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2019 Pet-Nat of Pinot Noir

2019 Pet-Nat of Pinot Noir

100% Pinot Noir Pet-Nat
Columbia Gorge AVA
360 bottles produced

Sun-kissed Pinot Noir vines planted high in the hills of Lyle some 42 years ago grew wild, sending their canes racing across an open pasture. For decades, these grape vines dreamed of greatness and purpose. As the seasons passed, their greatest admirers became the black bears and wild turkeys. Along came two men with gnarled hands and determination.  After three years of hard work, they tamed the vines and finally nursed the fruit into ripeness. The bears still get their annual rations of juicy Pinot Noir grapes and what’s left is pressed, fermented, guided, sampled, and worried over. Finally, this wine is placed into Champagne bottles before it has completely finished fermenting – allowing the continued fermentation in bottle to naturally carbonate the wine. This is the final leap of faith by the winemaker. When you open this wine, tiny creamy bubbles by the tens of thousands magically appear. And the aroma? Fresh hibiscus flower, tangerine zest, and strawberry! Bright acid, gleeful bubbles, and Queen Anne cherry flavors do a sexy tango across your tongue. Now these old grapes are realizing their dreams… and you can taste that, too.
This wine is extremely limited and not to be missed!

A natural sparkling wine with creamy bubbles. Flavors of Queen Anne Cherry and pomegranate with bright acidity.  

Pét-Nat or Pétillant Naturel is also refered to as Methode Ancestral. The style is typically thought of as Champagne’s earthier, more experimental cousin. Because it's bottle fermented, no two vintages are alike and the softer bubbles allow more aroma to come through in your glass.

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/ 750 mL
Sorry, this vintage is sold out!
Wine Specs
Pinot Noir
Columbia Gorge
Vineyard Designation
McCarthy Vineyard
Harvest Date
October 2019
stainless steel
Bottling Date
Dec 2019
Alcohol %