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Sara Dyberg
June 30, 2024 | Sara Dyberg

10 years of Katydid

Before I met the Pouillons I was good friends with Katydid: she was my favorite Red Blend from the Gorge.  We would buy it at the little market where I lived in Klickitat, for special occasions and for not so special occasions!  When I heard from several friends in the area that they were looking for help in the tasting room I thought, this might just work out. Excited to not only get a closer look at how my favorite red blend was made, but also to meet some fellow European sensibilities in the Gorge, I applied for the job.

My very first day at the Estate, Juliet sent me home with a bottle of 2012 Katydid--the classic GSM blend at the time--and I remember putting it in my backpack as I explained to her that I might not be the ideal employee, having neither a car nor the knowledge of how to drive one.  Juliet did not seem to think that would be a problem and immediately offered me a ride home, but I jumped on my bike and rode back to Klickitat.

That night we enjoyed what can only be described as the perfect Rhône blend! Soft and supple, light in body and tannins, but unfiltered, with ample texture and mouthfeel.

For my birthday the following year, as we were getting low on the present vintage, Alexis gave me a full case of the 2012.  It was my first case of wine, and I remember trying to find a cool place in my house to store it.  Of course, that didn’t turn out to be much of a problem, as we had soon enjoyed it all!

The following vintages were exposed to hotter weather, and though I loved them all, I still reminisce over that very first vintage of Katydid I had tasted, that introduced me to Juliet, Alexis, Gigi & JP.

So, here we are a decade later, with our new release of Katydid that is just as fresh and youthful, though it has matured in some respect, as it’s now under cork!  The 2022 Katydid is made of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsaut and it brings me that same feeling of recognition and excitement that my very first bottle of Domaine Pouillon Katydid elicited in me.

On July 6th, Alexis and I will be pouring a vertical of Katydid on the Estate. Although we haven't managed to locate a 2012 bottle, there will be several older vintages to compare with our brand new release! We will have a seating at 1pm and another at 3pm. Please sign up in the Bistro or send me an email: wineclub@domainepouillon.com

See you there!

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