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Juliet Pouillon
December 6, 2020 | Juliet Pouillon

We have a lot to be thankful for

This year, nearly all of our lives have been touched by tragedy and hardship. Now, as we enter winter, we are counting our blessings and remembering the bright moments of the past year. Our fond memories of friends and family are made all the more poignant by our distance and the difficult contortions we must go through to guarantee mutual safety. Instead of dwelling on what we can’t do, we’ve chosen to send this note of gratitude for the amazing experiences many of us shared...

This year, we are thankful for those closest to us.

Despite incredible lock-downs, working from home, and worries about health, our intrepid crew stayed with us through it all. They even mustered their brilliant sense of humor as we asked them to dress-up for this year’s staff photo-shoot we titled “Masquerade 2020.” Alexis even found his inner Molière as he added humor to the occasional drudgery of mask-wearing.

This year, we are thankful for the buoyancy of the natural world.

Looking up into a clear blue sky! No planes, no clouds. I honestly can’t remember a time when the sky was as clear and bright as it was in April. Then there was seeing the animals reclaim “our” spaces after only a short two-week period of lock-down. Spending this magical time with those closest to us was a sweet gift we’ll look back on and cherish.

This year, we are thankful for the magic of childhood.

Yes, working from home and teaching your kids at the same time is hard. We have been blessed with this hard work. In our life, there are two small people who have forced us to explain in simple terms, the complex issues of racism, disease, and politics. They have taught us the real difference between big and little worries. They have kept our minds in the present and our eyeballs off social media.



This year, we are thankful for you. 

Your willingness to flex and pivot - following us into the online world (for a short time!) and continuing to believe in our brand is really what has made 2020 a sensational year. In all honesty, when mid-March hit and closure was mandatory, we looked at each other and said, “Well, it’s been a good run.” Nonetheless, you have continued to surprise us and other small businesses in your ability to support the products and people that make up our communities. Yes, your support matters. Supporting each other and recognizing our shared humanity is the only thing that matters in this difficult time. When it’s time to re-open, don’t be surprised if the hugs are tight and we have tears in our eyes.

With deepest gratitude,

Alexis, Juliet, Teddi, Sara, Lorrie, Theresa, Jean-Pierre & Genevieve

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Juliet Pouillon
May 19, 2020 | Juliet Pouillon

Update on Tasting Room Operations

May 19, 2020

Dear friends,
Today, Alexis and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary. We swore love, promised patience, and even committed to ourselves creating a place we could welcome everyone into. It’s no mistake that our tasting room has the intimate feeling of someone’s home.
Today is also day 64 of Covid-isolation in Washington State. Not a day has gone by since March 16th, that we haven’t had deep discussions, napkin diagrams of scenarios, or emotional derailments concerning the future of the family business. I know each day for you is a roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows. We are all on the same ride, just 6 feet apart. In many ways, it seems we have gone from a society of instant gratification to one of longing for human connection (something many of us squandered before now).
After deep discussion with our thoughtful staff, we came to mutual and unanimous agreement to keep the tasting room closed for the remainder of 2020. This was a difficult decision for everyone; however, we believe that it is best to remain closed to ensure our ability to fully re-open in 2021. For just about every small business I know, being partially open or open at 50% capacity with wary customers is a recipe for disaster. We are values-forward winemakers. We have always placed people and community before profit and now we are being called upon to put those values into action in a way we never could have imagined. Please know: we are longing to see you in our home, but we recognize this is a selfish desire when people’s safety is even the least bit in question.
The good news is… we have greatly improved our skills at getting wine to your home and have felt the deepest gratitude that you are choosing our wine to enjoy. New releases of our incredible wines will continue to pop up in your inbox! I want to reassure you that we WILL re-open when the time is right and when we can guarantee the experience of our family, our supporters and our staff is one of joy, and above all else, safety.

With gratitude – Juliet & Alexis Pouillon

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Juliet Pouillon
May 10, 2020 | Juliet Pouillon

Mother's Day

Doubtless, many of us have been thinking about the mothers in our lives more often these days than we have in the past. Our mutual lockdowns have created an environment of nurturing ourselves in ways we may have neglected, bringing into stark relief what’s important, the closeness we crave and the necessities we’ve taken for granted. I am blessed with two mothers: my biological mother and my stepmother, both of whom I have come to have a greater appreciation for as I find new depth in myself to nurture and comfort my own children in these strange times. We can never thank our mothers enough for the time and love they gave us during their lifetimes. But let’s keep trying, shall we? Mom, thank you for always answering when I call, for being a friend and confidant, offering comfort when I need it, encouragement when I have given up, teaching me skills I never thought I would need (like sewing a face mask), demonstrating how to stand up for myself and earn respect, showing me when to speak up and when to stay silent. You are loved and your love continues to grow in your amazing, hilarious, and (sometimes) bonkers grandchildren.

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